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Installing Codyze


  • Java 17 or higher

Build from Source

Clone the source code for Codyze from the project's GitHub repository .

Codyze v3

Executable Version
  • To build an executable version, run ./gradlew :codyze-cli:installDist
  • The executable Codyze installation is located under codyze-cli/build/install/codyze-cli
Gradle Run Task

You can also use the Gradle run task ./gradlew :codyze-cli:run to directly run Codyze. This will print the help message and return an error.

Arguments can be passed with the --args option.

Pre-built Release


All following example calls in this documentation will assume that the source code was cloned and use the exact file structure. If you want to test Codyze with these calls, please clone the repository.

  • Download a zipped release of Codyze from our GitHub release page
  • Unzip the file
  • Execute Codyze using bin\codyze.bat (Windows) or bin/codyze (Mac, Linux)


We're also offering Codyze as a container image. You can find an image with the latest release in the project's container registry .