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Redesign of Codyze

The goal of the redesign is to make Codyze more maintainable and easier extendable. This introduced a lot of changes compared to the legacy version.

The core functionalities of Codyze were separated from the executable part which makes it possible to use Codyze as a library.

We introduced the concept of Executors which are responsible for evaluating rules of a specific specification language. Through Executors, Codyze can verify rules written in different specification languages and utilize their advantages as long as there is an Executor for them.

We are also working on a new specification language Coko which comes with Codyze.

Additionally, we reorganized the code in Codyze to be able to handle multiple projects with their own configurations with only one Codyze instance. This, for example, allows switching between projects in an IDE without losing the context of any analysis and should better support LSP mode.